EFIWOOD/ EDOWOOD-- ( Edo Film Industry)

By Uwagboe Ogieva
05 January 2012

EDOWOOD-- ( Edo Film Industry Wood). Being a name presented by OTEDO.COM for all Edo language movie management and productions. EDOWOOD like hollywood, bollywood, though working hand in hand with Nollywood, do have a specially criterial that distinguish her local and international movies from Nollywood. Over the year Edo movies have increase her audience, script writers, actors, celebrities and quality graphic movies. Her market cut across many Africa countries, Europe, Asia, Autralia, North and South America.
Actors, like Monday Erhauyi Ogbeide aka Ukeke(RIP), Eghosa Idehenalias Erha Egiro(RIP), Sandra Aigbogun, Osasuyi West, Wilson Ehigiator, Omo-osagie Utetenegiabi, Syvester Uwadia, Sandra Idubor, Eunice Omoruyi, Helen Edokpolor, Andrew Osawaru, Brown Atiemwen, Henry Iyobosa Legemah, Amenze Okpunu, Mercy Erabor, Iyengumwena Eguaevoen, Monday Osagie, Sangra Ogbeide, Jane Ekhator, Victor Osagie, Victor Ijesurobo and Osawemwenze Eweka remains most famous and best actors in the industry. Producers like Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen have also won several local and international awards for his best and qualitative Nolly and EDOWOOD productions. EDOWOOD aim is to raise consciouness as well as educate on both Afrocentrism and world knowledge through Edo language movies and commedy, being one of the largest language spoken by Nigerian people.. Prolens Movies, Souls 2 Soul and Supreme Movies have also kept their high rated marketing and distribution over the years across Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Edo language is spoken by more than 25 million people in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. According to Prof. Roger Westcott, Professor Emeritus, Drew University as stated in his article "Bini names in Nigeria and Georgia" that the Edoid language invariably the Edo language belongs to the most wide-spread of the five great language families of Africa. Variably known as Niger-Congo or Congo-Kordofanian, contains in most of the languages of coastal West Africa as well as all the Bantu languages of eastern and southern Africa, including Swahili. Edo is the name that the people of the Benin Kingdom give to themselves(enacted by Emperor Ewuare the great), their language, and their capital city and kingdom. Renowned for their scientific and cultural influence in the history of West Africa Empires. The Edo Kingdom of Benin is one of the best known of the pre-colonial kingdoms on the Guinea Coast of West Africa. From at least the fourteenth century, the Benin Empire held varying degrees of authority over neighbouring peoples, including the western Igbo, north-eastern Yoruba, and various related Edo-speaking groups. In 1897 British-colonial forces invaded and conquered the kingdom, made it part of the Niger Protectorate. Today it is incorporated into the modern state of Nigeria, precisely Edo State of Nigeria.

EDOWOOD have being intelligently designed to meet her fans and subscribers ultmost sactifaction in the entertainment industry with her quality, entertaining and humoruos movies in Nigeria, Africa and whole world at large. Meeting the high demand of African language productions and the source of exposing the beauty of Africa and her rich cultural heritage to the outside world. Though still face with challenges of lack of sponsorship, inadequality material and expertise etc, her products remains one of the highest selling movies among other Nollywood films in Nigeria.

Welcome to EDOWOOD , home of Qualitative African movies in Edo-Nigerian language special.


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